Sunday, February 17, 2013

Last Post

I want to use this last post as a reflection of sorts.

This class has been engaging and informative, and the final paper was a great way to put together a cohesive, personal philosophy of education.  I believe that this was an incredibly useful assignment to do, especially right before we go off to student teach.  I found it to be a rewarding experience to really put time towards formulating the reasons that we do what we do, and to see other students express the same level of passion that you have is wonderful.

Discussion and debate are essential aspects of the progression of knowledge, and were two of the most enjoyable aspects of this class.  I believe that too often we hold back our true feelings in order not to offend or upset anybody, and this class was a nice environment to be able to say "this is where I stand."  I believe that having strong convictions and an open mind are not mutually exclusive.

I look forward to utilizing the lessons that I have taken away from this class in my student teaching and my career after that.

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